How It Works

Before your big day, I will ask you to provide me with your preferences for four main things:

1. Would you like a painting of the ceremony or the reception?  

2. Is there a specific moment in the ceremony or reception you would like me to capture? (first kiss, first dance, exchanging of vows, etc.)

3. What size painting would you like?

18” x 24” oil on canvas - $1500

24” x 36” oil on canvas - $1700

Please contact me for custom sizes.

4. Would you like the live wedding painting day of option or live wedding painting with studio touch ups option?

On Your Wedding Day

I will arrive at the reception venue about an hour or so prior to the ceremony beginning so I can set up my easel and paints, and begin laying in the background before guests arrive. If you have chosen to have the ceremony painted, I will arrive 2-3 hours before the ceremony to set up and paint.

Once your wedding guests arrive I will begin to add them in as well as start focusing on the lighting and atmosphere of the event.  Most elements of the painting will be gestural and have a looser feel because I want the bride and groom to be the main focus.  I will be finished with the painting by the end of the reception.

No two weddings are the same and this applies to my work as well, so although I have laid out the general guidelines of what I do, there is always room to discuss special requests and customizations. 


"We LOVE our live event wedding painting by Jessi. She asked us about our style and preferences beforehand, so that on the big day she worked quietly & efficiently. Her easel & supplies didn't take up much space & she was welcoming to our guests who wanted to watch her work. At the end of our wedding she gave us our painting & it was perfect! We get compliments on it all the time. She was professional, personable, no drama, and gave us our favorite memento from our wedding. 100% recommend!"




I also accept in-studio wedding commissions for those of you who just have a favorite photo you would like painted.  This is also a great option for wedding and anniversary gifts! Please contact me for pricing.


How does the painting add to the reception?

Live painting is also a form of entertainment for guests, especially guests who may be less drawn to the dance floor.  You and your guests get to see your special day being captured on canvas and watch the process. They can interact with me as much as they would like, I’m perfectly happy chatting and explaining while I work.  

How does the painting add to the memory of the day?

As important as photos are on your special day, nothing can capture the beauty and the life of your wedding quite like a painting.  Not only am I painting what I see, I am painting what I feel.  Experiencing the event influences me while I work and informs the painting. The movement and the gestural nature bring your wedding day to life, turning it into a timeless experience that you can forever have on your wall. A unique beauty and an intimacy that can only be captured with paint.

What does the set up look like?

I try to keep everything very condensed.  I will have an easel for my canvas and a small side table for my paints and brushes.  I will also have a small light if needed.

What’s required to book my wedding painting?

A 25% deposit and signed contract to secure your date.

What type of paint do you use?


Do I get to choose who goes in my paintings?

Day of focuses on the bride and groom.  If taken back to the studio there is a fee per person but I can add people in.

How long do studio touch ups take and what are they?

2 weeks post wedding.  This is an option if you would like a detailed and more polished look applied to your live painting back at my studio or would like customizations such as adding specific people into the composition ( additional  $400)


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